A UAB Digital Community Studies Student Project

Hello! This site is dedicated to my Spring 2011 DCS project, entitled (project)BEAUTY... that is, "PRO-ject," as in the beauty inside you should burst forth!  The driving point of this project is this: Everyone is worth it.  Every man and woman has intellect, emotion, personality, beliefs, and character that he or she should be known and valued for.  There is no 'perfect body type' that can replace the beauty of a soul. 
(project)BEAUTY will partner with GROW (Gaining Respect, Openness, and Wellness) this spring to share important information about eating disorder awareness.  As (project)BEAUTY develops, it will address many issues concerning health, confidence, and finding peace with yourself and joy in your life!
Check out the different pages for more information about this process!  I will post all of my references, field notes of what I'm learning, and all of the works of film connected to (project)BEAUTY.  Thanks for stopping by!

There is also a comment page if you'd like to leave your thoughts about this project or to encourage others out there struggling with self-image! Thanks for stopping by and remember- No one else can be you. :)

“When you dehumanize the other, whether you like it or not, inexorably you are dehumanized.
You need the other person to be all they can be in order for you to be all you can be.”
-Desmond Tutu